Personal Training & Transformations

Turn It Up Health & Fitness Personal Trainers are second to none.  They are friendly, fully qualified and super passionate about getting you to your goals, and we get just as excited as you do when you reach them.  Check out just a few of our many transformations below.

Personal Training

With one on one Personal Training you get all the attention, 100% of the time. A program is tailored specifically for your needs with the view to achieve your health & fitness goals. Your trainer is totally focused on you and your success every session. If you are after serious results, this is definitely for you.

Our Transformations


Lost 20 Kilos

I feel amazing and happy - I feel like the person that I was always meant to be, not just existing and dreaming, but living and doing!! Thanks to Turn It Up Health & Fitness for supporting and motivating me throughout my weight loss and fitness journey.


Lost 22 Kilos

I've literally never felt anything but embarrassed and ashamed of the way I look. And this is the first time in my life where I actually feel happy, even proud of it. And I wouldn't have been able to get to this point without your help. So I just wanted to say thank you.


Lost 20 Kilos

Zumba transformed the way that I looked at fitness - it is completely fun and freeing. Getting your groove on in the dark, feeling great, losing weight and having a giggle is the best thing! Being lighter gave me more energy to do everything - even more dancing!


Lost 15 Kilos

Since I started coming to TIU I've never felt more alive and motivated ! My goal was to be healthy and strong as a lifestyle change and not a short term plan .